Since the COVID-19 crisis, we continue to provide both our evaluation and our intervention services, utilizing both in-person services and HIPAA-compliant telecommunications platforms that protect patient data and privacy.

We can be reached for referrals and questions via voice message at 434-984-2722, or by emailing Steve Marvin.


The Circle of Security® Intervention

The COS Network provides an evidence-based The Circle of Security is an effective research-based program that has been implemented throughout the world with children and parents experiencing difficulties. intervention program for parents and children that focuses on relationships. The Network serves a wide range of families raising children and adolescents suffering from attachment difficulties due to developmental issues, reactive attachment disorder, maltreatment, disrupted relationships and complex trauma. 

Our program is particularly useful for families with a child in residential care or in temporary out of home placement. This service is effective in helping parents that have experienced grief, loss and trauma.

Our Mission

The mission of the Circle of Security® Network (COSN) is to help children and families with a history of trauma and/or disrupted relationships in a cost-effective manner through research-validated assessments and intervention in the areas of attachment, child development, and neuroscience.

Central to the intervention program is the Circle of Security map The Circle map draws a very clear link between child development, attachment research, emotional co-regulation and learning. , which helps parents to discover, interpret, understand and respond to children's challenging behavior and mysterious cues.


How The Circle Helps Parents

The COS intervention is designed to transfer research knowledge to parents in a user-friendly way. This revolutionary video-based design helps parents learn to observe and interpret children's behavior using the Circle of Security.

The Circle of Security map The Circle map draws a very clear link between child development, attachment research, emotional co-regulation and learning. draws a very clear link between child development, attachment research, emotional co-regulation and learning. The Circle of Security is equally relevant to families raising children of all ages. With the help of a Circle of Security Network therapist, parents will discover new ways to help their children connect, restore, and grow.

Video of Dr. Bob Marvin discussing the Circle of Security


Developmental Trauma & The Circle Security®

Many children with maltreatment histories have suffered a variety of traumatic events. These experiences have devastating effects on a child’s physiology, emotions, impulse control, self-image, ability to think, learn, and concentrate. Their relationships with others and attachment with parents and caregivers are often very strained.

Children with these histories often have behavior problems, trouble using their caregivers for help, difficulty learning from their mistakes, and problems in regulating their own emotions and behavior.  Across the life span, these conditions are linked to a wide range of problems, including addiction, chronic physical conditions, depression and anxiety, self-harming behaviors, and other psychiatric disorders.

The Circle of Security program is designed to offer parents/caregivers direction and clarity in understanding trauma and healing. Parents are the most essential part of helping children overcome trauma and develop alternative pathways to healing.

Connect. Restore. Grow.

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